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Allergen & Mold Testing 

Testing Your Home’s Air Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Plug in


Plug in device


testing begins

Return device,

Receive results & consult

The Most Accurate Home Allergen & Mold Tests

Exhale’s patented technology combines ionic propulsion developed more than 5 decades ago for space travel with cutting edge molecular biology used to detect disease in human blood and urine samples.  It works at the molecular level, so we can measure the actual molecules that lead to your symptoms.

We’ll provide you with answers in 30 days or your money back. Guaranteed.

Why Exhale?

Exhale Home Allergen & Mold Testing allows you to find valuable information about your home’s air so you can take steps to remove the allergens and mold that are lingering in your home and making you sick.

Easy to Use

We make testing your home or office for some of the most common allergens and mold as easy as opening the box and plugging it in.

Trusted By Physicians

We have a growing network of physicians who recommend Exhale to their own patients because it allows them to better understand each patients allergen and mold exposure outside of their office.

Scientifically Validated

Our research is published in major scientific journals and scientifically validated in collaboration with leading allergists, researchers, and institutions.

Personalized Recommendations

We translate your results into actions, personalized to your unique environment. You’ll receive a report containing our findings and recommendations so you can take control of your health.

How Exhale Home Allergen & Mold Testing Works

Run Exhale

Our Exhale Collection Kit arrives at your doorstep. Simply plug in the Exhale device and leave it running for 5 days for allergen, 1 day for mold. Once collection is complete, use the prepaid return label to send it back.

Let Us Do Our Magic

We use specialized equipment that measures the amount of allergen and mold in your air sample, providing you with an individualized blueprint of your home.

Your Results Are Ready!

We’ll get on a call with you to share your results and gather information about your home environment so we can provide you with removal recommendations that are tailored to your families needs.

Inspirotec’s products are protected by patents US 9360402, 8038944, 9216421, 9481904, 9618431
as well as other patents issued and pending in the US and foreign jurisdictions.