About Us

Meet Our Team

We are parents, scientists, allergists, technologists and allergy and asthma sufferers, working together to solve the problem of allergies and asthma in the home.

Breakout Labs

Backed by Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs Program of the Thiel Foundation

Inspirotec received seed funding from Paypal Co-Founder and Facebook early investor Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs Program of the Thiel Foundation. Breakout Labs selected the company for their innovative work in science and technology.

Our Story

Our Co-Founder Prasanthi Gandhi has suffered with asthma and allergies her whole life, taking medications for well over thirty years. When her children started showing signs of allergy and asthma, she started treating their symptoms with a similar traditional approach.

Then one day, Prasanthi changed her thinking. “I hit a point where I no longer wanted to solely rely on medication for asthma and allergy management,” Prasanthi explains. “And I didn’t want my children to feel that their lives were limited by asthma and allergies the way I’d felt as a child.”

Prasanthi took it upon herself to learn everything she could about asthma and allergy prevention and management. She realized that medication could be part of a broader holistic approach to asthma and allergy care. And she began wondering how she could help others suffering with asthma and allergies.

Fast forward several years. Prasanthi, a seasoned entrepreneur, engages Julian Gordon, the globally renowned scientist behind the first home pregnancy test, among other significant medical innovations. Together, Prasanthi and Julian develop a home allergy asthma air test, a science-based solution for detecting allergens that trigger asthma and allergies in the home.

However, Prasanthi and Julian did not rush to market. Rather, they clinically, scientifically, and painstakingly validated Exhale in hundreds of homes and other locations in collaboration with leading allergists, researchers and institutions, including University of Chicago and Argonne National Labs. They also sought endorsement from leading allergists worldwide, including Dr. Paul Detjen and Dr. Priya Bansal, who both now serve as Exhale’s Resident Allergists and Medical Advisors.

Today Exhale is the only proven and patented* solution for detecting allergens that trigger allergies and asthma in the home. The only home allergy asthma air test. Our growing team is capable and committed. And most importantly, each week, more and more children and parents are sleeping through the night because we were able to help solve allergies/asthma in their homes.


Inspirotec’s products are protected by issued patents US 9360402, US 8038944, US 9216421 as well as other patents issued and pending in the US and foreign jurisdictions.