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Summer Camp Checklist for Children with Asthma

2 Weeks Before Camp

Arm Your Child With Information

The most important thing you can do is talk to your child about their symptoms and triggers. Make sure they know their limits when playing, as well as where their medicine is kept and when to take it. It’s likely that you’ve extensively practiced every step necessary in resolving an asthma attack with your child at home, but summer camp is a completely unfamiliar environment.  Make sure you give them a refresher on everything before sending them off.


Visit your child’s allergist before they head off to camp. Camp is an allergen rich environment. Your child will come in contact with so many different allergens for an extended period of time, which means they may need a stronger baseline of medication to keep them relatively symptom-free. Checking in with your child’s allergist before they head off for the summer will make sure they have everything they need.

Camp Staff

Talk with the camp staff about how much physical activity is planned and how to handle an asthma emergency. Make sure your child is a part of this conversation and knows exactly who to go to if they aren’t feeling well. It’s important that your child knows it is ok to talk to camp staff as soon as they notice systems so they don’t wait for a full-on asthma attack before asking for help.

Returning Home

Kids returning from camp can be carrying the very allergens they’re allergic to right into your home. Before letting them drop their bags at the door and get cozy on the couch, wash everything! Have them jump in the shower, take their bag of belongings straight to the laundry room and wash all of their clothes and shoes. Allergens make their way into our home on our clothes, hair and skin – taking these steps helps keep all of those pesky allergens out of your home.

You can download a PDF of our checklist here summer-camp-checklist-9.

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