Recognizing and Treating Eczema

Recognizing and Treating Eczema At only 18-months-old, my son was unable to tell me of his uncomfortable itch that began to show up all over his body. That wouldn’t, however, stop him from [...]

How Do I Deal With Mold?

With all the news coverage about molds, most people would likely agree that mold can be found in any home that has some age to it. After all, mold only needs a little bit of water dripping in the [...]

Playing Sports with Asthma

My eight-year-old son loves sports. And trust me when I say we have tried them all through Park District programs and camps. However, it wasn’t until he started playing soccer that I really [...]

The Best Way to Remove House Dust

The next time you walk into a room and notice dust on top of a piece of upholstered furniture or across the floor, you might want to think twice about just passing by. That thin layer of dust [...]

Do You Have the Ragweed Blues?

Do You Have the Ragweed Blues? You may feel that your Ragweed allergeis are worse this year than they have ever been before. Is it, or is it just your imagination? Surprisingly, the Ragweed [...]