Ready, Set, Doctor Appointment

Prepare For A Doctor’s Visit There is a lot of good advice out there about how to prepare for a doctor’s visit, and you’ve probably seen some of it. As an allergy and asthma nurse, I’d like [...]

Asthma Management and Pregnancy

Asthma and Pregnancy Many women worry about asthma management during pregnancy. Fortunately, safely managing your asthma while you are pregnant is possible. First, schedule an appointment with [...]

The Basics about Allergy Shots

Let’s face it – people who don’t have allergies don’t get how miserable allergy symptoms make you. It’s especially bad during the fall and/or spring. During high pollen time, you may not even be [...]

Don’t Let Asthma Keep You Indoors!

Fall is upon us! If you’re literally itching to go out and enjoy the crisp air and do some fun fall activities, below are a few tips to keep your allergies and asthma in check. Fall and winter [...]