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Back In the Game!

Erin and Dan are a happily married couple. They’ve just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. They have a son, Bryson, who has suffered from exercise-induced asthma for years, but his condition hasn’t stopped him from being an excellent goalie for his soccer team. He’s allergic to everything, but his parents and Allergist makes sure that Bryson gets the help he needs. He has a dog, but with the proper medications, he has never had a problem. Bryson has always taken his medication regularly and his allergies have never slowed him down, until now.

For the last 2 months, Bryson has always been sick. He wakes-up every morning feeling tightness in his chest, wheezing and coughing. He’s had to miss several days of school and team practice, which upsets him. Soccer is his life! Even though the Allergist increased Bryson’s medications, his symptoms weren’t showing any improvement. Erin and Dan tried everything – they even resorted to burning essential oils in every room in their house. That’s when Bryson’s Allergist recommended that they give Exhale a try.

Don’t let your allergies and asthma keep you from the things you love.

Erin and Dan plugged the Exhale devices in 3 rooms. “The process was so easy, Erin said” “We just had to plug them in for 5 days and ship them to the lab.“ Once the results were ready, Erin scheduled a consult call with one of Exhale’s knowledgeable consultants. She was surprised to find out that they had mouse allergen in every room. Exhale’s consultant explained to her that mouse allergen doesn’t necessarily mean that there are mice in your home. “Your dog could be bringing it in from the outside and spreading it around.” After implementing the low cost changes recommended by Exhale and by Bryson’s Allergist, Byson no longer is waking-up sick every morning. He’s just happy that he’s back on the field again. Erin and Dan swear by Exhale. “Thanks to Exhale, we now have more control of what’s in our home.”

Update: Erin and Dan wash their dog more than they used to and Bryson is still going strong on the soccer field.

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