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Brothers Setting the Pace

Inspirotec Co-Founder Julian Gordon was featured in King’s College London InTouch article

Jeffery and Julian Gordon
(Law, 1955 and Physics, 1957)

Brothers Julian and Jeffery studied at King’s in the 1950s. Since then, their lives have taken them down different paths and to different continents.

Julian gained his PhD in Biophysics in the lab of the Nobel Laureate Maurice Wilkins. His inventions as an international research scientist have contributed to many fields. His team invented the famous ‘Western Blot’, a protein test used widely in molecular biology and HIV-AIDS testing. He was also behind the technology that led to the first home pregnancy tests. He recently became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Ever the entrepreneur, at 76, he co-founded a start-up to help allergy and asthma sufferers. Inspirotec has a home kit called Exhale that measures allergens in the air using technology originally developed for space travel.

Jeffrey studied Law whilst working for a Soho solicitors. He developed an interest in what is now known as legal aid, representing his first clients under the Poor Prisoner Defence Acts. In 1962 he set up his own legal aid practice and went on to become the UK’s longest-serving criminal legal aid lawyer. Jeffrey worked on the landmark case that devised the concept of the ‘McKenzie friend’, the practice whereby a person can be helped in an English Court by a ‘friend’ who is not qualified in law. Now in his 80s, he has run the same law firm for 55 years, with a full caseload and many loyal clients. He has truly
devoted his life to defending those who are not able to defend themselves. At the age of 84 he still works as
a freelance advocate.

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