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People keep asking me the question as to why they even need Exhale to measure what’s in their environment when all they have to do is have some simple remedy that will solve all of their problems. But life is not that simple. Nowadays, people expect simple solutions to their problems. You feel sick. You go to the doctor. You get a pill. You feel better. But it doesn’t work that way. There are so many things going on; the air circulation, whatever air filters you have, air conditioning indoors, windows open, pets wandering around. So, you can buy any one solution, but it is not guaranteed to solve your specific problem. So Exhale provides information that you would not otherwise have. And by having that information, it enables you to focus directly on what is the specific issue in your home. Whether it’s cats, or dog, or dust mite or pollen or molds, so we give information that will help you solve your problems.

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