You may think you know what you’re allergic to and what your problem is because you know you have a pet or you know you’re sensitive to pollen. The fact that you know it’s there doesn’t necessarily mean that the allergen is there. And so if you have a cat and you think or know you’re allergic to the cat, well are you excluding the cat from your bedroom? In which case, are you minimizing your exposure to the cat? Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. But we are able to verify whether that cat allergen is actually getting into your bedroom even when you’re not letting the cat in there. Similarly, there’s things that are always going which may seem obvious to you but are not obvious until we actually find what you’re really being exposed to and then you can make a more rational decision about how to remediate it.

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Julian Gordon

Julian is a world renowned serial inventor who has made groundbreaking contributions to multiple fields of science. His group at Abbott Labs was responsible for developing lateral flow immunoassay technology, which led to the first home pregnancy tests. Prior to Abbott Labs, Julian’s group at Novartis (then CIBA-GEIGY) was responsible for inventing the Western Blot, an important method used today in molecular biology, biochemistry and immunogenetics for the characterization and detection of proteins. As a scientist, Julian is passionate about using evidence-based data to prevent human suffering. As he explains, “I know of no greater suffering than a mother in anguish about her child not being able to breathe normally – and not knowing what to do about it. I feel so fortunate to be part of an incredible team working to solve this problem.
Julian Gordon
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