Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the lab receives my sample?

Once your Exhale™ collection kit is received, lab tests are performed to determine the presence and quantity of specific allergens. After testing, your results are analyzed and incorporated into a customized allergen profile of your home’s air. Within 2 weeks, you will receive a personalized dashboard, your Exhale data as well as action plans to reduce your allergen levels.

Once I receive the Exhale collection kit, where should I place the device?

We recommend that you place the device in the room where you and your family spend the most time. Do not move it. Keep it in a corner of the room, on a table off the floor, and away from everyday activity. Ensure it is sitting correctly (instructions are included) and let it sit undisturbed for the 5 day testing period.

Why should I care about the allergens in my home?

If left unchecked, allergens in your home can trigger allergies or asthma symptoms. Testing your home is a great way to determine if something in your home is the culprit behind your symptoms.

Will your product help me take less allergy or asthma medications?

Solving the source of what’s triggering your asthma or allergy is the best way to reduce your need for long-term medications. While Inspirotec doesn’t offer treatment, our Blog and eBook will offer ideas for treatment. Use these in consultation with your Allergy doctor to find a treatment that’s right for you.

Are you a replacement for a doctor’s visit?

No, we’ll help improve the relationship you have with your doctor, though. Our Exhale dashboard provides your doctor with accurate, lab-proven data about your home environment. Paired with a skin test from one of our recommended allergists (or yours), you’ll be able to explore the source of your allergies or asthma.

My doctor has tested me for allergies. Why do I need to do it again?

This is not the same test that your doctor gave you. He tested you to see which allergens might be causing symptoms if you are exposed to them (for an allergy). That tells you what you are allergic to, but says nothing about what you are actually breathing in (exposed to). Most people are allergic to many things. We test for the allergens present in your home to find out what is in your particular environment and what you might be able to better avoid. The combination of knowing what you are allergic to (based on doctor testing) and what you are exposed to (based on Exhale testing) will provide you with the best information you need to take action to reduce your allergy and asthma symptoms.

I have asthma, but am feeling OK now. Is there any reason to take the test?

If you are taking medication for asthma control, finding the causes of you asthma can be very helpful.  Avoidance of known allergens can reduce the frequency of symptoms and in some cases allow you to eliminate some of the needs for chronic medication. Avoidance is always the first step, then medications if more control is required.   If you are on long-term medications, you may consider using Exhale in your home to pinpoint and then reduce the sources that may be increasing your long-term medication need.

I suspect I have mold in my house. Should I take your test?

Mold is a natural part of our environment and mold spores are everywhere. In most cases, it is GROWING mold that introduces allergens, and this happens in damp places, such as basements or bathrooms. If you have allergies or asthma and are concerned that mold make be causing increased symptoms, testing your home is a good idea.

Is it ok to have cut flowers in my house when I run your test?

Yes. Most cut flowers do not produce the same pollen that contains allergens. If you have taken allergy tests, you might check with your doctor. But mostly, it is weed, grass and tree pollens that cause allergic reactions.

What does Exhale measure?

We measure the major allergens that cause an allergic reaction and trigger allergy and asthma symptoms in allergic individuals. Allergens are invisible. They come from living creatures and become airborne, inhaled into the nose and lungs. We test for allergens associated with dust mites, cats, dogs, molds, pollens, roaches and mice.

How accurate are Exhale’s results?

We offer the most accurate sampling and testing methodology available to consumers today. Our methodology leverages testing done on human blood samples in hospitals and labs across the country for our environmental air samples.