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Mary loves her cat just as much as she does any other family member. Actually, there are times when she is sure that she loves her pet pal, Muffin, even more than most of the people she’s known her entire life! How could she not, he’s adorable and loves cuddling on the couch just as much as Mary does. She loves him so much that she allows Muffin to sleep right next to her every night even though she suspects that something in her room may be causing the increased allergy symptoms she’s been experiencing lately since she seems to feel the worst early in the morning.  She considered that it could be Muffin for a moment but quickly moved on. It couldn’t be Muffin, right? He’s a hypoallergenic cat after all. 

See, Mary is allergic to everything and takes her meds regularly, but still she wakes up sick every morning. She was concerned at first that her medications were no longer working and maybe needed to be reevaluated by her Allergist. So she made an appointment where she was told by her Allergist that limiting exposure to allergens in her environment was just as important as taking her medication and recommended that she try Exhale to get to the bottom of what was causing her to experience the increased allergy symptoms that have been driving her nuts.

Her allergist always felt it was the cat creating these problems, but Mary was reluctant to try it since her cat is hypoallergenic and couldn’t be the problem. Surely the cat she specifically picked because of it’s promise of not creating allergic reactions in those with allergies and asthma, wasn’t actually causing her allergy symptoms! She was completely shocked when Exhale found large amounts of cat allergen in her room! Data speaks a thousand words.

Hypoallergenic pets can still be causing your allergy and asthma symptoms.

“I was sure that I wasn’t allergic to the cat next to me every night.” Thanks to Exhale, I have learned that hypoallergenic cats produce cat allergen and by just changing my behavior, my symptoms have vastly improved. Thank goodness I didn’t have to get rid of my cat.”

Update: Muffin no longer sleeps in Mary’s room and she is happy and healthier for it. Thanks, Exhale.

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