Inspirotec Inc.: Study Results Show Allergy Patients Can Run Air Sampling Device and Determine Normal Range of Allergens in Air of Homes CHICAGO, July 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Inspirotec Inc., a Chicago-based startup company with proprietary technology for measuring airborne allergens, today announced that the results of its field study, which shows that patients can run the air sampling device in their own homes and obtain statistically significant data, will be published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology ( The results show normal ranges for common household airborne allergens and conditions that can affect those values.

Utilizing the innovative home-based study, combined with Inspirotec’s cutting edge laboratory analysis, concentrations of dust mite, cat, dog, mouse, rat, mold, and pollen allergens were found for each individual home in 103 homes. Allergists from five medical practices recruited patients to run the tests. They provided patients with instructions and packages to take home, plug in their bedrooms to test the air there for a few days, and patients returned them to their doctors.

“Our study shows that it is now possible for patients to know the airborne allergens in their own homes, and take targeted remedial measures that will enable them to eliminate allergens that are triggering their symptoms, and of which they may have been totally unaware. This kind of analysis and service has not been available to them previously,” says Julian Gordon PhD, leading scientist in the study and co-founder of Inspirotec. “Previous studies of this kind have required the intrusion of skilled technicians to run bulky, noisy, equipment. Further, analysis was done on settled dust, not on the air, as it was believed that the amounts in the air were often too low to measure, despite the fact that it is the inhaled material in the air that causes symptoms.” Lead physician and clinical consultant to Inspirotec, Paul Detjen MD says, “This fills a hole in our ability to do complete patient management. Previously, this kind of information was available only anecdotally from the patient, but we can now get objective numbers.”

Dr. Gordon continues: “Because this kind of data was previously unavailable, there are no standards for concentrations of allergens in the air that are accepted as being dangerous. The best we can do is to use our data to compare results with average levels in similar homes. This is just like when the electricity provider tells you how your consumption compares with similar homes. This data provides such a framework.”

The only comparable work was a large nation-wide study by a group at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where analysis was made of vacuumed dust in homes. They defined “Exposure Intensity” by the number of different allergens detected in a home. Inspirotec compared their results in Chicago with the nation-wide results from the NIH.

Some allergen levels were found to be significantly lower at lower humidity and where HEPA-filter air cleaning was used. This attests to the statistical significance of the data.

About Inspirotec Inc. Inspirotec Inc is the only company providing airborne allergen detection either through physicians or direct to consumer. Direct to consumer is marketed under the brand name Exhale and can be purchased through

Inspirotec has an extensive portfolio of patents* as well as prior publications in the peer-reviewed literature.

*US patents 8,038,944, 9,216,421, 9,360,402, 9,481,904, 9,618,431 as well as patents and application world-wide. 1Gordon J, Gandhi P, Shekhawat G, Frazier A, Hampton-Marcell J, Gilbert JA. A simple novel device for air sampling by electrokinetic capture. Microbiome. 2015;3. 2Gordon J, Detjen P, Kelso D, Gandhi P. A new patient-operated sampling device for measurement of aeroallergens. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2016;116(5):475-6. 3Gordon J, Reboulet R, Gandhi P, Matsui E. Validation of a novel sampling technology for airborne allergens in low-income urban homes. Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2018;120(1):96-97.

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