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When I first found out that my children have allergies and asthma, I blame myself. I know that allergies and asthma is a genetic condition. I did not want them to get it because it is a lifelong condition so I was very frustrated. I thought to myself, “my gosh, it sucks.” But now with Exhale, I know there are tools available that can help make their home life much easier. As a mom, I am very motivated. My number one priority is to make my children safe and healthy and especially at home. At home, it’s our safe haven. And so I have the ability to be able to, with Exhale, find out what’s in the home – find out if my family may be actually living with the enemy, which are the allergens that may be contributing to their allergies and asthma. I’ve spent thousands of dollars in developing or in putting together a home security system for our home. I’ve spent so much time and energy building out a medicine cabinet for my children for medicines to be able to deal with every single illness that could be out there.  And now Exhale is another example of a tool that can help them feel better from an allergy and asthma perspective.

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