Save Time and Money with Exhale Mold

It’s smart enough to know what mold actually matters.

Save Time and Money with Exhale Mold

It’s smart enough to know what mold actually matters.


Save Time and Money with Exhale Mold

Its smart enough to know what mold actually matters.

Exhale Mold™

This patented do-it-yourself kit measures your home for mold that is active and harmful to your health, unlike other mold tests.


Traditional tests alert you to all mold, even harmless mold that won’t affect your health. Exhale’s mold test finds only the mold that is growing and harmful to health.

  • Accurate. Reliable. Actionable.
  • Test includes black mold. Speciation is not provided.
  • Includes an action plan and a personal consultation to minimize exposure to active mold.

We’ll provide you with answers in 30 days or your money back. Guaranteed.

We had a leak in the basement. Water was everywhere and I was so stressed out. I’m always worried about mold contamination, since my son suffers from severe allergies. We removed the water and I cleaned everything with bleach, but you can never be too certain that the mold is gone. Exhale’s mold test kit was recommended to me by a friend. It was easy to use and I received results in record time! Thankfully, the results confirmed that we didn’t have any mold contamination. Thanks, Exhale for giving me peace of mind!

– Andrea W.

Read on for commonly asked questions

Is this test for one room, or my whole house/office?

As air circulates over the 24-hour sampling period, this test will detect active mold throughout your home. This excludes the basement. If you’d like to test a basement in addition to the rest of your space, you’ll need two test kits.

Are there additional lab fees for processing the results?

Nope! You pay one fixed price ($129) for the entire service, includes S&H.

Does this product accurately test for black mold?

Yes. If black mold is present in the air, it will be detected.

Are results available immediately? How soon will I have results?

No. The sample is sent to our ISO-qualified lab where sensitive molecular testing will be performed. Results will be ready 5 days from receipt of sampler.

Will this detect mold if it is growing behind the walls?

Yes. It detects fragments that get suspended in the air and freely circulate in the house, as long as the mold is growing.