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Jenny is a retired teacher who lives in a condominium complex for assisted living in the Chicago-land area. Every morning she suffers from severe allergy symptoms and doesn’t know what to do about it or where to turn. Her physician helped her to identify what she was allergic to through IgE testing and told her that she needed to manage her exposure to these allergens as well. If she didn’t know what allergens were in her home, how would she know what specific measures to take to avoid them? Her physician recommended that she call Exhale.

When she called us, she was desperate to know what was in her home that was ruining her mornings. With Exhale Allergen, she found out that she had high mold and medium amounts of dog allergen. She wasn’t too surprised about the mold. She always assumed that her condominium had a mold problem, since they had some flooding problems the year before. She was able to inform the condominium management and they were going to take care of the problem. On the other hand, finding dog allergen in her condo was a bit shocking, since she didn’t own any pets. Through conversations with her doctor and the staff at Exhale, Jenny found out that you don’t have to own a dog to have dog allergen in your home. It can easily be transferred onto your clothes or hair by coming in-contact with other dog owners. Jenny recalled that she had a visitor over the week, who owned a dog.  “ I was completely surprised, that dog allergen was found in my home, but after speaking with the knowledgeable staff at Exhale, I was able to have that Ah-ha moment, where we realized together where the dog was coming from.” Strapped with the knowledge of what allergens are in her home, Jenny can now implement Exhale and her physician’s recommended avoidance measures.

Update: Now that Jenny knows how to control her allergen exposure, she can enjoy her cup of coffee without allergens ruining her mornings.

No more rough mornings for allergy and asthma symptoms with Exhale Allergen testing.

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