Quality Policy Commitment

Inspirotec’s Quality Policy


Inspirotec’s mission is to provide the highest quality of life for allergy sufferers and other indoor air quality stakeholders by giving them control of their environment. Our business focuses on devices and services to consumers, patients, and allergy professionals, and an array of air quality professionals that identify indoor airborne allergens, molds, and other biological materials with healthcare impact. Inspirotec considers environmental testing a key element in personalized healthcare management and this information will be critical in redefining the standard of care.

Our devices and services are designed to be consistently safe, effective, and of the highest quality. We maintain these high standards through metric driven management and continuous improvement. The consistently reliable outcomes we deliver to our customers will establish confidence for all of our stakeholders.

Inspirotec employees, management, and investors are committed to delivering state of the art quality through:

Innovative product design based in unique in-house patented technology
Well trained, accountable personnel
Best practices in research and manufacturing
A culture driven by continuous improvement
A well-documented Quality System
Conformance to all applicable regulatory standards
Awareness of the importance of the environment in healthcare

Everyone at Inspirotec is committed to a customer focused, quality driven, and environmentally conscious culture.

Thomas Brya
President & CEO
Inspirotec, Inc.