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Researchers Consider The Link Between Air Pollution and DNA

An article written by Carl Zimmer of the NY Times highlights how complicated the link between exposure to environmental toxins and their impact on the human body truly is. We hear new stories every day about how air pollution and our changing environment can have a deeply negative impact on our health and assume that these are modern-day problems that our early ancestors didn’t have to worry about. However, air pollution and the consequences of prolonged exposure are not new to humans.

In fact, researchers believe that the toxins early humans were exposed to from things they used for survival like creating fire for warmth or food, may have created a genetic variant in some of us that may make us more resilient to things like cigarette smoke. There can be a downside, while some variants make us resilient to some of the environmental toxins, others can make us more susceptible in this day and age where pollution is only getting worse.

Here’s the link to the article Why is air pollution so harmful? DNA may hold the answer

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