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Published in Annals of Allergy Asthma and Immunology

(1) Our beta trial was conducted on 22 allergy and asthma participants. After participants used Exhale, their physician felt that patient management for 77% of them would be impacted by Exhale’s measurements. Results suggest that Exhale is a powerful tool for improving allergy and asthma management (

(2) A joint study with the group of leading allergist Elisabeth Matsui at Johns Hopkins University showed a correlation between results from Exhale and scientifically accepted but more cumbersome reference methods, in low-income homes in Baltimore ( )

(3) Our study in 100 homes in the Chicago area with from 5 collaborating allergists’ practices showed that patients can generate significant data when running the devices themselves and established for the first time the norms of allergen signatures in the air homes (

Published in Microbiome
Our side-by-side test was conducted with a reference method in 3 locations. Exhale’s performance was determined to be equivalent to capture of reference method for microbiome analysis by quantitative PCR and amplicon sequencing (


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