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There are a lot of articles coming on the market now, and even more in the works, that measure different things in the air, such as particles, volatile organic compounds, ozone, carbon monoxide, you name it. So there are a lot of dangerous, potentially dangerous things in the environment which are not allergens. And these measure those other things which could be classified as pollutants. So they also may affect your health. But there is a danger in being able to measure those things so easily because there are a lot of thigs that are completely innocuous which also affect the readings. So I bought a particle counter and a VOC meter and just ran it in my house to see what happened. And I found that when my wife was frying something in the kitchen, I was picking up a high VOC count in my office. And when I brushed my teeth, the particle count went through the roof. So it’s giving real information, but it is useless information. So from our point of view, if you have an allergy the only way to directly assess your environment is to measure allergens directly – and that is what Exhale will do for you.

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