Want to be Healthy for Spring? Incorporate Exhale into your Healthy Living Routine

For most of us, healthy living is extremely important. Each new year gives us a chance to start our quest to be the healthiest version of ourselves all over again. It’s pretty easy to get off track though. Thankfully, Spring gives us a new opportunity and the motivation to do some Spring cleaning in our homes and other areas of our lives. Spring is the perfect time to donate those old clothes, organize those cabinets and thing about new ways to improve our health! After all, we all know the basics:

  • Eat a balanced diet    
  • Exercise regularly
  • Getting enough rest
  • Take a multi-vitamin
  • Visit your doctor annually
  • Give-up smoking (if you are a smoker)

What about the air in our homes? We spend a lot of time making sure we eat all the right foods and exercise regularly, but have you stopped to think about the allergens in your air and how they could be affecting your health?

Allergies are among the most chronic conditions world-wide. If you suffer from allergies like a large portion of us, you know about the symptoms – sneezing, coughing, runny noses, sinus issues, difficulty breathing, etc. Allergies can severely affect your ability to get a good night sleep, work, spend time with your family and function in general. Even if you do all of the healthy living basics: eat a balanced diet, exercise, and don’t smoke, how healthy can you really be feeling, exposing yourself to an over-abundance of allergens in your air?  

Exhale is an easy-to-use system that detects common airborne allergens in your home. The air sampling device comes to you in the mail – just plug it in for a period of 5 days, un-plug it and send it back with a provided return label. Your air sample will be laboratory tested and an experienced consultant will discuss what allergens were found in your home and work with you to reduce them.

Do yourself a favor and make Exhale a part of your healthy living routine. Before you know it, you will be on your way to healthy air and improving your overall health.

Are you suffering from allergies and what a natural and healthy way to locate and reduce allergens in your home? Check us out at exhalenow.com and collect your $100 off coupon. We are technologists, scientists, parents and allergy sufferers and we want to help you with your indoor allergy problems.




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