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Stop Bugging Me, Dust Mites!!

Are you done with dust mites bringing you down and wreaking havoc on your nightly beauty sleep? I’m just going to answer that one for you…. YES!!! Here’s some good news for all of the dust mite allergy sufferers out there- there is a solution!

At Exhale, we recommend that our customers with dust mites allergens in their bedrooms use impermeable covers for mattresses, duvet, and pillow casings. This is meant to keep those pesky critters from multiplying which will reduce your dust mite allergy symptoms. This may seem like common sense to most, but it is also rooted in science, according to the peer-reviewed publication, “Preventing Severe Exacerbations in Children. A Randomized Trial of Mite-Impermeable Bedcovers,”

Dust mite covers can help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms for some.

But the actual evidence for the effectiveness of bedding covers has been mixed, and it is very difficult to prove. This paper sets out to prove it with a large study for children known to be asthmatic, to have occasional flare-ups, and to be allergic to dust mites. They were given certified impermeable covers for mattresses, duvets and pillowcases. The placebo controls were given apparently indistinguishable covers, but of conventional fabric. They were followed up in great detail over a year, and the major finding was a significant reduction in hospital visits (11% reduction) and emergency room visits (45% reduction). The results confirm that for this carefully selected population of children and highly controlled conditions, there was a measurable benefit. Impermeable bedding covers alone are going to alleviate dust mite allergies for some customers, but aren’t going to work for everyone. That’s why Exhale always recommends using multiple cleanup measures in combination with bedding covers.

Do you suspect that you have dust mite allergens in your home? Try the Exhale Home Allergen Test and find out! We’ll also tell you what other common allergens are lurking around your home.



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