What Is An Allergen?

   So, what exactly is an allergen? Our immune system is supposed to keep us healthy by attacking dangerous pathogens, but the system can sometimes get overzealous and attempt to fight [...]

Mary’s Cat-tastrophy

Mary loves her cat just as much as she does any other family member. Actually, there are times when she is sure that she loves her pet pal, Muffin, even more than most of the people she’s [...]

Asthma Awareness Month 

Asthma Awareness Month Hi, I’m Doctor Priya Bansal, Allergy and Immunology. I’m coming to you today again, as part of Asthma Awareness Month, to try to bring some light into the connection [...]

Cold or Allergies? How Do You Know?

Cold or Allergies? How Do You Know? If you’re sniffling and sneezing and are wondering if this is another bad allergy season or a pesky cold, you’re not alone. Determining the cause [...]

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